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In this era where we focus on technology and how we can make an individual’s life better. How often do we listen to one another? Are people genuinely interested in solving problem? We come across various problems, when we get frustrated, we tweet or post on FB! That’s it what else you can do? You may email the concerned party or their support form and ask for a solution. Well everyone goes through some process to seek a better answer.

Why don’t we have a dedicated platform to share the problems we face? One can be aware of the problems faced in particular area so Media focuses on the right news, Politicians can see the problems, New entrepreneurs will be born to solve the problem they see/face and there is awareness; life would be much easier. We can expect a solution to existing situation.

If we talk about problems and when everyone keeps a followup definitely it will help the party to prioritise the work. Some times people have ideas but they are so busy in their life that they can’t give it some time. Sharing is Caring.. Many people can suggest solutions. Can you imagine thousands of people giving a thought about one problem? If you think this makes sense or anything that you would like to suggest/advice about this project ping me 🙂

Anonymous Feedback — https://sayat.me/probsinfo

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